Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Everything looks fresh again as spring approaches. The fruitful year of 2015 has become history and the year of 2016 is greeting us with both opportunities and challenges. 

In 2015, the world economy underwent in-depth adjustments and China was faced with growing pressure for economic downturn. Despite the complex situation, China National Investment and Guaranty Corporation (I&G) actively responded to changes at home and abroad, adjusted its operation strategy when necessary, vigorously promoted the business structure composed of three principal businesses: “credit enhancement, asset management and Internet finance”, and strived to advance the shareholding system reform and get listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) system. Thanks to the concerted efforts of our staff, we had a good beginning for business transformation, innovation and development and set a new record in business performance. Seizing opportunities presented by the state government’s promotion of financing guaranty companies, we focused on reforming the business mode of micro and small financial guaranty to serve the national strategy of “mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation”; we launched jointly with Ant Financial and Hundsun Technologies, a startup with promising prospects; we made active exploration and progress in asset management business with characteristics of credit enhancement; we completed the shareholding system reform, were successfully listed on the NEEQ system, and became the first listed enterprise directly controlled by a central enterprise on the NEEQ system, which greatly boosted our popularity and influence.

The year of 2016 is the opening year for the 13th Five-Year Plan and a critical year for the structural reform, and also for us to carry forward transformation and upgrade. From the new historical point, we will follow the policy orientation of “mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation”, the Internet Plus action plan, and the policy to promote the development of strategic emerging industries, give full play to our strength in resources and brand built over the past two decades, speed up transformation, upgrade and the operational mechanism reform, give back to the society with better products and services and shareholders with better business performance, and build up a good image in the capital market.

“A large musical instrument must make resonant sounds and a man with lofty ideal must cherish a farsighted vision.” In the future, we will continue to uphold the development concepts of “people and reputation first and foremost, adaptation and harmonious development”, reinforce the synergy of credit enhancement, asset management and Internet finance through credit enhancement-based services, enhance our credit and better allocate social credit resources. We will also strengthen cooperation with all the other walks of society to create a better future and contribute more to China’s credit system and credit culture.

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