After years of development and operations, I & G has formed business lines covering banks, capital markets, bond markets and interbank markets, and will strive to build the business framework with guarantee, assets management and Internet finance as three important parts.

1. Guarantee

 Business based on public financing markets

Corporate debt guarantee, trust financing guarantee, guarantee for open-ended principle-、guaranteed fund, guarantee for asset securitization products, etc.

Business based on interbank markets

Corporate short-time financing bill guarantee, SME collection note guarantee, medium-term note financing guarantee, etc.

 Business based on capital markets

Stock collateral financing guarantee, stock private placement guarantee, corporate bond issuance guarantee, secondary debt issuance guarantee, etc. 

Business in cooperation with banks

Loan financing guarantee, letter of credit financing guarantee, acceptance draft financing guarantee, real estate structural financing guarantee, bridge financing and acquisition guarantee, performance guarantee for government procurement, etc.

 Project guarantee

Bidding guarantee, performance guarantee, advance guarantee, quality guarantee, payment guarantee, maintenance guarantee, supply guarantee, and transaction guarantee for projects and government procurement.

 Entrusted guarantee business 

Entrusted guarantee means that the Company, entrusted by government departments or international organizations, operates and manages policy-directed guarantee funds or capitals.

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