Culture Philosophy

1. Mission 

By providing credit enhancement services, the Company undertakes the mission to enhance corporate credit, optimize the allocation of credit resources, improve the efficiency of transaction on market, advance the building of a society-wide credit system and credit culture, and drive the development of national economy and society.

2. Vision

The Company is dedicated to becoming the most competitive provider of non-standard financial products and services.

3. Core values

To optimize the allocation of credit resources, promote fund and commodity circulation, and drive the development of national economy and society by providing excellent products and services;

To provide more opportunities for employees’ better career development and help them balance career and life;

 To enhance the Company’s comparative advantages and sustainable growth capability, and steadily increase the equity value of shareholders.

4. Business philosophy

 People-oriented. To understand, respect, utilize, cultivate and encourage employees, to fully arouse their enthusiasm and creativity, and to encourage them grow together the Company.

Reputation foremost. The Company follows the business ethics of being honest and credible, adheres to the win-win and benefit-sharing business principle, gives extensive cooperation with all circles at home and abroad, and builds up a good image.

Accommodation to changes. To keep pace with ever-changing times and be proactive in reform and innovation; to enhance the sustainable growth capability through innovations in technology, system and management.

 Harmonious development. To uphold the prudent, sustainable and harmonious development concept, and strive to be the most sustainable, instead of the largest, in the industry; to adhere to the values of achieving a win-win situation with clients; to balance corporate and individual interest with social interest, uphold the consciousness of a corporate citizenship, actively shoulder social responsibility and give back to the community.

5. Strategic thinking

To carry out the Blue Ocean Strategy, persist in value innovation, seek compound market demands in the overlapping areas of financial innovation, and provide clients with integrated credit solutions.

To follow the path of intensive, high-end and internationalized development, enhance the comparative advantages and sustainable growth capability, and improve the Company’s core competence.

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