Staff Structure

The Company has formed a professional and versatile talent team composed of people with diverse knowledge bases, experiences and competencies. 

It has implemented the employee competency assessment system, performance management system and all-round evaluation system, adopted a competitive remuneration system, established the work ethics guidance and risk warning system for key posts, and improved the incentive and constraint system.

It pays high attention to the employees’ physical and psychological health, helps them to develop self-management consciousness, highlights the respect for and trust in employees in its management philosophy, implements the health care program for employees, and carries out a variety of sport, cultural and recreational activities. 

Through comprehensive efforts, the Company has built a top-notch team which holds work ethics in esteem, excels in innovation, boasts great competence and works in a unified and efficient manner. It is regarded as the paramount foundation for the Company’s development. As of the end of 2014, the Company had 325 employees. 

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