Statement on the Fraudulent Use of I&G’s Company Name and Seal by JESS Wealth for Promoting Wealth Management Products

Time:2017-09-12   Source:I&G

Recently, we, China National Investment and Guaranty Corporation (“I&G”), have found that Shanghai Jiaqi Equity Investment & Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“JESS Wealth”) fraudulently indicates on the homepage and investment product profile and safety webpages of its online wealth management platform ( that “China National Investment and Guaranty Corporation” provides guarantee for its wealth management products, and counterfeits our corporate seal and assumes our employees’ identity in its product contracts. Such behaviors have done serious harm to our reputation. We hereby condemn the illegal behaviors of JESS Wealth, and declare that:

1. We, as a company strict about management and internal control, have not provided any guarantee for any product on that online platform of JESS Wealth, and have nothing to do with any of its behaviors;

2. Given the serious damage of the illegal behaviors of JESS Wealth to our reputation, we have the right to take legal actions against it.

China National Investment and Guaranty Corporation
September 11, 2017

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